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At Smile Dynamics in Wahroonga we want to improve the appearance of your teeth so that you are always looking and feeling your absolute best…

Teeth are made of some of the strongest substances and minerals in the entire body and are designed to last through extreme temperature changes and extreme pressures but even the tooth over time can gradually wear, tear and become weakened. Many patients come to us with discolouration, staining, craze lines and worn teeth and wonder how they can fix such a small but noticeable problem.

At Smile Dynamics we understand how frustrating a small stain or chipped tooth can be because (even though it might be small) it can have a huge impact on your smile. That is why we offer composite and porcelain veneers so that patients can get the smile they want in the time they need.

What are porcelain and composite veneers and how can they improve my smile?

One of the most popular treatment options for creating your perfect smile is by use of dental veneers. Precisely shaped in a dental laboratory, Porcelain Veneers are very thin delicate pieces of porcelain that, when bonded to the surface of your front teeth, become strong and durable. Unlike fitting a crown, where the entire tooth needs to be reshaped, for a veneer only minimal tooth enamel is required to be removed and is therefore much more conservative.

Porcelain veneers are placed to cover chips, discolorations, straighten crooked teeth and even as an alternative to orthodontic treatment. Porcelain veneers once bonded to the tooth are very strong, are colour stable and are the “ultimate” in aesthetics.

Similar to other restorative procedures, receiving a veneer requires two appointment visits and meticulous preparation. This will involve lightly buffing the teeth receiving the veneers to remove a minor amount of enamel so your new teeth do not appear oversize when compared to your natural teeth.

At your second appointment your veneers are permanently bonded with specially developed dental adhesive and polished to a tooth-like finish. To make a Porcelain Veneer smile makeover even more awesome, consider a tooth whitening treatment prior. Ask Dr. Chahoud at your consultation appointment if tooth whitening is right for you.

An alternative approach to porcelain veneers is to use Composite Resin veneers.

These veneers are also bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth but are made from the same resin filling material that the white dental fillings, which we are all more familiar with, are made of.

They usually require less tooth preparation and can often be completed in a single visit. Another advantage is they are usually less than half the cost of Porcelain Veneers and are more easily repaired in the event that a veneer is chipped or broken. Composite Resin Veneers will probably discolour over time and may need earlier replacement when compared with Porcelain.

At Smile Dynamics we think Composite Resin Veneers are a great introduction for patients wanting a smile makeover but on a reduced budget. Dr Chahoud will discuss which Veneer is right for you and your treatment goals.

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