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Do you or your child want to benefit from a straighter smile? At Smile Dynamics in Wahroonga we provide a range of treatments to suit patients of all ages!

Straight teeth are found to be more aesthetically pleasing and attractive not only because of their appearance, but also because they are generally associated with good health, vitality and success. At Smile Dynamics we understand the importance of a beautiful smile, a healthy bite and strong teeth, and provide treatments for patients of all ages!

Our orthodontic treatments…

A beautiful smile starts early but we need to be ahead of any developing dental problems.

At Smile Dynamics we look closely for things that will cause unwanted dental  effects on your childs teeth and jaws, like thumb sucking, myofunctional habits, cross bites, airway obstruction with adenoid tissue and tonsils.

Early assessment of your child’s dental development, from as young as three years of age, will allow for early intervention and correction of problems that if left untreated may require tooth extractions and even surgical intervention.

It is never too late to straighten your smile! Adult orthodontics can help you gain the smile you always wanted by expertly aligning your teeth in their optimal position. If you are unsure what kind of orthodontic treatment you need talk to Dr Chahoud today!

One of the most popular and advanced orthodontic treatments used to date; Invisalign is a great way to straighten your smile without anyone noticing! By using clear aligner trays that are custom made to your smile this treatment is effective, removable, comfortable, lifestyle-friendly and virtually invisible!

Why should I straighten my smile?

Straight teeth have an array of benefits that go beyond simply looking beautiful. At Smile Dynamics we understand the importance of straight teeth as they:

  • Allow for easier cleaning by providing a flat surface. This also allows you to chew food, form words and maintain the health of your smile!
  • Are closely connected with the rest of the body, so by aligning your teeth (and hence your bite), you can help prevent other painful issues in the body such as headaches or a sore back.
  • Are less prone to injury. It’s true, crooked teeth are more likely to become chipped or broken in an injury related to the dento-facial region than straight teeth.
  • Do not generally cause erosion or wear on the teeth as crooked teeth are known to do.

At Smile Dynamics we are happy to assess your smile and recommend which treatment is best for you. Dr David Chahoud will always take into account your budget, lifestyle and your own smile desires to create a treatment plan more suited to you.

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