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Salivary Buffer Tests

At Smile Dynamics in East Wahroonga we understand how important saliva is in regards to oral health…

Saliva is one of the most important substances in oral health and without it we are sure to incur a lot of oral health problems. That is why at Smile Dynamics in East Wahroonga we offer Salivary buffer tests to ensure that your saliva is healthy and free from harmful bacteria.

In the event of harmful bacteria your saliva production could be doing more damage than good. We can suggest a range of oral hygiene methods and treatments that can help improve the quality and production of your saliva.

Why do we need saliva?

Producing saliva is one of the most natural functions of the mouth and without saliva you might be surprise by the amount of things we would be unable to do on a daily basis. Did you know that without saliva we would not be able to digest properly? Saliva is one of the most important substances to help lubricate and breakdown food so that we are able to digest it more sufficiently.

The saliva mixes in with our food and drink and allows it to flow easily around out mouth and down our throats without the food or drink sticking to our teeth or hurting our oral soft tissue such as the tongue, cheeks and gums.

Saliva is mostly made of water that we ourselves produce, after all the human body on average up to 70 to 80% water, but saliva also contains important substances (calcium, phosphate and fluoride) that your body uses to digest food and lubricate your teeth and gums to keep them strong and healthy.

Saliva also neutralises acids produced by foods and drinks and is your body’s natural defence against bacteria, as it creates a protective film around the teeth, which protects your enamel and gums.

Where does saliva come from?

Saliva is produced in small glands in the mouth called the salivary glands. These glands sit inside each of your cheeks near the front teeth along the jaw line. There are hundreds of tiny salivary glands located inside your mouth but there are six major salivary glands that are in charge of producing the most saliva.

The saliva moves through small tubes called the salivary ducts when the mouth is engaged in vigorous oral activity such as eating or drinking and when your mouth experiences temperature changes like when you are eating chilly or curried foods.

Did you know that the salivary glands can produce between one and two litres of saliva a day? Isn’t that incredible! All this saliva is used to lubricate digestion and keeping your oral mobility fluid.

What happens if I am not producing enough saliva?

A lack of saliva or saliva of poor quality can make your teeth more susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up, decay and the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, gum disease. It can also be the cause of constant bad breath (halitosis).

Saliva testing is an examination the Smile Dynamics team can use to assist in preventive care treatment planning and initiate effective changes in your oral hygiene routine.Understanding your salivary characteristics can provide the Smile Dynamics team with valuable information to determine the most suitable treatment choices and strategies.

Salivary Buffer Tests make a difference at Smile Dynamics…

In order to ensure your saliva glands are functioning properly the team Smile Dynamics will perform an examination designed to ascertain/determine your salivary characteristics.

A saliva buffer test will determine your potential risk of caries, your natural hydration levels, resting pH levels and stimulated pH levels. This test will help the team at Smile Dynamics create a preventive care strategy.

Saliva buffer tests:

  • Measure and assess your possible caries risk factor based on your saliva condition
  • Test hydration, saliva consistency, resting saliva pH (when not chewing), Stimulated saliva pH and saliva buffering capacity (when chewing)
  • Are a tool for developing preventive care strategies
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