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Dentures can help those who suffer from partial and even total tooth loss…

A popular and widely used option for replacing missing teeth, dentures can either be:

  • Complete – where they completely cover one or both of the dental arches, or;
  • Partial – where they fill the space left by several missing teeth thereby preventing the remaining teeth from moving out of position.

Traditionally, dentures can be made entirely from acrylic, or may be bonded with metal in order to provide additional structural support.

With advancements in dental technology we can offer a more stable solution to conventional dentures…

There are many new developments in denture design and construction. Implants can be incorporated to secure the denture to the jaw bone and gives increased stability, retention and chewing function. Unsightly clasps that would wrap around the supporting teeth can be replaced by precision attachments, which make for an aesthetic and secure denture. A thorough examination of the gums, teeth jaws and muscles is critical before a denture is to be made. We can then best advise you on what type of denture would be best for you.

If you prefer a non-invasive denture technique, we do offer conventional dentures…

Dentures are made from a detailed mould of your gum contour and remaining teeth, in the case of a partial denture. Dentures need to fit precisely from your initial assessment appointment through to receiving your completed denture, which can take approximately four to five visits.

A complete denture is secured in place with adhesive gel and suction, whilst partial dentures are often held in place by clasps, which attach to your natural teeth on either side of the space. Both complete and partial dentures should remain stable at all times. If you notice your denture starts to become loose or slips when you speak, cough or chew, you should schedule an appointment to have it adjusted.

Missing teeth can over time cause your gum to alter its shape and as such, your denture may not fit as snugly as it did when first placed. When this occurs your dentures will need to be relined. Relining is when the base of your denture needs to be reshaped or replaced entirely so it fits comfortably and remains secure.

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